Our corporate and social responsibility, sustainability initiatives and support of worthy causes are integral to the Conquest philosophy.

Conquest™ team


Conquest™ is committed to providing goods and
services to benefit the largest possible number
of people. We are actively engaged with a number
of charitable organisations and environmentally
sustainable initiatives. Conquest™ has registered
a charitable fund and donates generously to the
Victoria Cross Foundation, PCYC, the Starlight
Children’s Foundation, the Children’s Hospital,
Youth Off The Streets and OzHarvest.

Conquest™ team
Conquest™ growth

Corporate Social Responsibility

Always striving for the greater good, we seek to
optimise the sustainability and energy efficiency
of our projects to the advantage of residents and
the planet. Our social and corporate responsibility
is integral to the design and construction of our
developments. We embrace new and revolutionary
ways to reduce our carbon footprint, including
energy efficient lighting and appliances and water
saving features. As part of our dedication to
sustainability, we have planted more than 200,000
trees in urban spaces and continue to move closer
to our goal of 1 million trees.

Community Partners