The Company

Established in 2003 on a foundation of innovation and passion, Conquest is one of Australia’s most successful privately owned real estate and investment powerhouses, with offices in both Sydney and London. We first developed our expertise across the residential development and construction market, then honed our knowledge in the hotels and hospitality sector.


Today we are a diversified group of companies successfully managing multiple lines of businesses. We are a group of driven entrepreneurs who share the vision of excellence, bright ideas and clever solutions. As a luxury lifestyle brand, the Conquest philosophy is based on the belief that our developments should inspire and enrich communities.

Strong foundations. Visionary thinking.

A dynamic force in the Australian and international property and investment markets, Conquest is a progressive, fully integrated powerhouse with entrepreneurial agility and institutional strength.

What We Do


We have a legacy of developing exceptional projects that focus on elevating the lifestyle and quality of life of those who call them home, creating a vibrant, welcoming sense of community.

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From five-star hotels for major groups such as IHG to dramatic drinking and dining venues, we raise the bar when it comes to the calibre of the accommodation and hospitality scene.

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Embracing pioneering technologies and methodologies, our broad-reaching construction expertise guarantees enduring quality, timely delivery and a seamless end-to-end experience for our clients.

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Investing in diversified real estate assets, debt and equity we make risk-adjusted investment decisions and invest side-by-side with our clients across a diverse range of property classes.

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The Conquest Difference

Conquest™ interior bathroom
Conquest™ interior
Conquest™ interior
Conquest™ roof top
Conquest™ interior

Our philosophy of excellence elevates and distinguishes every Conquest development, with
a passion originating from our leadership team. For each residence and hotel we create, we cultivate
our difference through uncompromising quality and timeless craftsmanship in its most noble form.
Our sites and locations are carefully chosen & our floorplans are thoughtfully considered to maximise light,
views and functionality. Our materials and finishes are sourced from around the globe to fashion
properties that will be appreciated by generations to come. The Conquest attention to detail
is evident, from the distinctive façades and interior design to the custom fixtures, hardware and
materials and the welcoming lobbies.